ColorStream 10000 Flex

ColorStream 10000 Flex

The ColorStream 10000 Flex is the fastest toner-based color-capable continuous feed production printer in the market. This high speed printer offers maximum B&W productivity through to full color production, plus additional CustomTone spot colors. With B&W speeds ranging from 800/852 ipm up to 1425/1515 ipm, it provides maximum productivity for customers with massive B&W print volumes. As color volumes evolve, the printer can easily be expanded to full color. The ColorStream 10000 Flex offers a unique fit for customers who demand the running costs of a pure B&W printer, and the power of full color – and who want it now or want to be capable of easily upgrading later.


  • The ColorStream 10000 Flex is the ultimate machine for the mixed color and monochrome job environments found in many markets.
  • Many books and manuals consist of either spot color or a small number of full-color pages, applications that are perfectly supported by the printer’s dynamic versatility and productivity.
  • For customers in book and manual printing and other segments of the graphic arts market, the ColorStream 10000 Flex offers distinct advantages, including excellent front-to-back print registration, and its ability to print on lightweight stocks makes it ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.

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The perfect production printer for Transaction, TransPromo, Direct Mail and Books

In the transactional market, documents are evolving into vehicles for promotional messages. The best of the IT world and the print industry combines to add value to documents and tie them in more closely with the target audience. Most of these documents are still B&W today. However, the importance of color for TransPromo documents is indubitable. The ColorStream 10000 Flex allows you to grow into color incrementally at your own pace, without compromising existing job requirements and budgets. With CustomTone® spot color, print providers can add corporate colors to invoices and statements as the first step, and then expand to full-color TransPromo communications.
In the direct mail market, you can take advantage of Job Appropriate Color® to offer your customers the most appropriate choices for their business goals. The ColorStream 10000 Flex is a high speed production printer that brings maximum monochrome productivity combined with premium color to the direct mail market. This positions print providers to take advantage of the widest possible range of direct mail business opportunities.

Most flexible full-color production printer

The color-capable ColorStream 10000 Flex empowers print professionals to embrace new opportunities for full color, including the popular individualized applications that are fueling growth in the print industry. Operating at a speed of 168 A4/172 letter ipm, it can power through over four million full-color images a month. When operating in 2/2 mode, the printer runs at a speed of 344 A4/352 letter ipm, in 3/3 mode at a speed of 228 A4/232 letter ipm, and in 5/5 mode at a speed of 136 A4/136 letter ipm. Digital print professionals can now maximize their investment in color devices by also generating revenue from top quality, cost-effective CustomTone and B&W jobs, and benefit from new business opportunities with completely flexible full-color, spot-color and monochrome capabilities.

Appropriate productivity, appropriate costs

The ColorStream 10000 Flex has the extraordinary ability to optimize its own speed – without intervention and within the same application, detecting B&W and full-color pages automatically while maintaining its high quality. It prints color at appropriate speed, and automatically adjusts speed upwards for B&W – giving you the dynamic productivity you need to turn out more print products in the same time and reduce your unit costs accordingly. The ColorStream 10000 Flex ensures your productivity is driven by the needs of the job, not by technology, empowering you to make the most of your resources and leverage revenue-generating opportunities in color, CustomTone and B&W. In addition to getting the most appropriate productivity, customers also benefit from one of the most accurate accounting models available on the market thanks to the powerful dynamic pricing capability of the ColorStream 10000 Flex. Dynamic pricing means that only pages really containing color are calculated as color pages according to whether 2, 3, 4 or 5 colors respectively are used, while B&W pages are clicked in B&W and at B&W costs.

Best-in-class service

Proud to possess a dense worldwide service network covering all types of consulting, implementation, installation, education and of course, after-sales services. This allows us to be close to our customers wherever they may be. Competent consulting and education combined with professional servicing and maintenance ensure that you can make the most out of your high speed production printer over the whole lifetime. In other words, our services are specifically intended to contribute to the protection of your investment.

Add color or productivity – at your own pace

The ColorStream 10000 Flex can be configured in many different ways to optimally match your production requirements.

Color: Start with 1/1 monochrome printing and upgrade up to 5/5 CMYK plus CustomTone printing.

Speed: Choose between 4 different printing speeds in B/W: from 800 ppm B/W up to 1425 ppm B/W (A4).

Quality: the ColorStream 10000 Flex offers a very good print quality for both cost-efficient TransPromo printing and applications demanding higher print quality such as premium Direct Mail or books.